Monday, January 13, 2014

Valentine Day Cookies

A special cookie for Valentine's Day makes a great little present. Here is a collection of some of the Valentine cookies I have made over the past few years. Sorry about the quality of some of the photos, they were some of the 1st food photography pictures I took.  For the cookies, all that is required is your Favorite Sugar Cookie Recipe and the Stained Glass Cookie technique.
Brush Embroidery Cookies - check out Sweetambs for great instructions how to do this.


  1. I know you mentioned lifesavers as a good option for stained glass cookies. Do you think Jolly Rancher candy would work too or would it maybe not melt in the time it takes for the cookies to bake?

    1. jolly ranchers would work equally as well

  2. Oh my goodness!
    Gorgeous Valentine's Day Cookies.
    These look wonderful!
    Thanks for Sharing.