Gliding Shelf Solutions – Easy Access Shelving

I was thrilled when Lee Anne Daniels from Gliding Shelf Solutions contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing their gliding shelves on my blog.
Gliding Shelf Solutions transformed my kitchen cupboards into an organized easy to access dream. No longer do I lose things that get shoved into the back of the cupboard, nor am I having to remove a bunch of things to be able to grab a particular item. These gliding shelves have revolutionized my cooking by making ingredients quick to access and easy to find, no more clutter!

Gliding Shelf Solutions shelves are custom made by hand in Canada and use only the highest quality materials with a lifetime warranty!  The shelves are constructed with first grade Baltic Birch, industrial strength steel rails and easy to clean melamine bottoms. They support up to 100 pounds, yet I could not believe how easily they glide with the touch of a finger.

The Gliding shelves that were installed for my pots and pans drawer help me conveniently grab all my pots and pans. Gliding Shelf Solution shelves are ideal for seniors or people with mobility issues, no more having to get on your hands and knees to get things out of the bottom cupboards.

Before – cluttered mess!
Installed – glide effortlessly

Easy access front to back
Neat and organized

Charles from Gliding Shelf Solutions installed the shelves in my pots and pans drawers, and because there would be a delay in installing the pantry cupboards my husband installed the other shelves. My husband is quite an accomplished handyman, and DIY Shelf Works is another option to get Gliding Shelves installed in your home. The website for information about installing Gliding Shelves yourself 
Before – hard to find things
After easy access to everything!
Lee Anne, President of Gliding Shelf Solutions, was wonderful to work with and has a wealth of knowledge for the best solution for your kitchen, bathroom or any room in your house that could benefit from better organization, easier access, and de-cluttering!
I am 100% satisfied with my shelves! They look beautiful in my kitchen and help keep it very neat and organized.
I wish I had installed Gliding Shelf Solutions years ago; they makes life so much EASIER!
Disclaimer: I received complimentary product for this post.


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