This chicken and dumplings recipe is sure to fill your belly and warm your soul.

 I’ll teach you how to make chicken and dumplings so that you can treat your family to a delicious and hearty meal they will be begging for all the time!

Let's Make Chicken And Dumplings 


- chicken - celery - carrots - potatoes - onion - corn - peas - chicken stock - olive oil

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Step 1

Chop vegetables into bite sized pieces. In large pan heat olive oil.

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Step 2

Add celery, carrots, potatoes and onion and cook until slightly tender, about 10 minutes.

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Step 3

Add cooked chicken, peas and corn. Stir in 2 cups of chicken stock and cook until heated.

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Step 4

In separate bowl whisk together ½ cup of stock and 1 tbsp. flour. While constantly stirring add stock/flour mix to stew. Heat until sauce begins to thicken.

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