Indulge in some great Old Fashioned Butter Tarts. This butter tart recipe is a Canadian classic dessert recipe with sweet, slightly runny filling and flaky melt in your mouth made from scratch pastry.

This best recipe for Old Fashioned Butter Tarts is a popular treat for holiday baking but tastes so terrific you'll want to bake them up throughout the year.

Let's Make Old Fashioned Butter Tarts


- tart shell pastry - all purpose flour - sugar - salt - butter - butter tart filling - brown sugar - corn syrup - eggs

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Step 1

Sift flour, salt and sugar together.

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Step 2

Using pastry blender cut butter into flour mix until resembles course meal.

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Step 3

Add cold water a bit at a time until dough just starts to hold together. (too much water will make for a tough dough).

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Step 4

Press dough together and shape into disk. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

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